Qatar is on the threshold of hosting the most exciting and prestigious global sporting event, the FIFA 2022 football world cup. The event will without doubt, provide Qatar an unprecedented level of international exposure and the opportunity to showcase its rich Arab cultural and heritage to the entire world.

To maximize the exposure of the local heritage and artists, Coastal Qatar has created opportunities for fans and visitors to interact with the rich Qatari art rather than the art being confined within the walls of art galleries. With this objective, Coastal Qatar has initiated an endeavor that seldom finds parallels in the region. A project that envisions illuminating the history, the culture and the heritage of Qatar to the world; “Qatar Al Fann”, under the patronage of Qatar Museum and Fire Station in collaboration with Ashghal, Katara hospitality and Qatari Diar.

The objective of this project is to provide a unique platform and medium of expression for the local artists to showcase their creativity and talent that could be utilized in public spaces, parks,stadiums, hotels, offices, mosques etc. and at the same time provide exposure to a global audience and revenue streams.

The alluring collection in Qatar al Fann, judiciously selected through a design contest was conducted for the local artists to design specified functional art projects for the upcoming prestigious Project and had been evaluated by dignitaries from Katara Hospitality, Qatar at Qatari Diar, Beautification committee of Public Works Authority (Ashghal), Fire Station Artist in Residence.

This project exclusively made in Qatar, shall splendidly flaunt the country’s art and its glorious heritage with the global audience. The international exposure and revenue rewards of Qatar al Fann extends to the artists is fascinating and truly deserving. We hold intense gratitude to all the champions of this gratifying project

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