Crash Barriers

Crash Barriers

With the increasing numbers of vehicles all over the globe, the need for safer roads is becoming dominant more than ever. Metal crash barriers are basically road safety system designed to protect humans, assets, vehicles, buildings, and other elements interacting on roads.

Crash barriers are not only preventing vehicles from colliding with obstacles or stepping outside roads, reducing the number of road traffic accidents, but also lowering its severity and impacts. Authorities are adapting such systems to manage traffic and reduce jams and congestions.

Coastal has entered in a technology partnership with a pioneering German based company (PASS+CO) enabling Coastal to locally manufacture CE certified crash barriers complying with EN 1317.

Our proven crash barriers ensure minimum damages to vehicles and occupants. During the collision, the W- beam absorbs the maximum energy by flattening out and laterally restrains the vehicle from veering over. It also prevents the vehicle from skidding back onto the carriage way by controlling exit angles through gradual deceleration and effective redirection of the vehicle back onto the road.

Our crash barriers system is tested, reliable, durable, locally approved, and globally reputed. With our high capacity and flexible manufacturing capabilities, we commit to deliver high quality products at high rates of supply.

Main Features

  • Tested to EN 1317 and CE certified
  • Minimal working width
  • Economical and budgetary
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Reliable and high quality
  • Provides good visual guide to the drivers especially at night.
  • Enables quick and fast roads maintenance.
  • Fit for all external roads and urban areas
Crash Barriers
Crash Barriers

Applicable Materials

  • Mild Steel – Grades to ASTM standard

Applicable Finishes

  • Galvanized – complying to AST A123, BS 729, or EN ISO 1461
  • Painted

Compliance to International Standards:

  • European standards EN1317
  • BS 4 Structural steel sections
  • BS EN ISO 1461 Hot dip galvanised coatings on iron and steel articles
  • BS 970 Wrought steels for mechanical and allied engineering purposes
  • BS 1449: Part 2 Stainless and heat resistant steel plate sheet and strip
  • BS 1474 Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys for engineering purposes
  • BS 1490 Aluminium and aluminium ingots for engineering purposes
  • BS 3416 Bitumen based coatings for cold application
  • BS EN 1011 MIG Welding of aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • BS 4320 Metal washers for general engineering purpose
  • BS 4464 Spring washers for general engineering and automobile purposes
  • BS EN ISO 3506 Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners

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