Directional Signages

Directional Signages

Traffic Signages are part of wayfinding and directional signages for motorists. Coastal is a leader designer and manufacturer of various kinds of traffic signages and structures that all complying with international standards and meet the requirements of local authorities.

Our highly competent team, advanced machineries, latest technologies and the support of our technology partners were behind maintaining our customers fully satisfied as we always deliver high- quality products, on time and within budget.

Traffic Signs

At Coastal, we strictly abide with Specifications of Qatar Construction Standards 2014 and Qatar Traffic Control Manual 2015. Being an approved manufacturer of Ashghal and authorized applicator of both 3M and Avery Dennison, quality and performance of our signage products are persistently achieved. Our state of the art production facility is equipped with advanced technology and machines for the production of high quality and durable traffic signages. We offer entire category of traffic signs including Regulatory Signs, Warning Signs and Informative Signs.

Traffic Signs
Retractable Road Signs and Traffic Bollards

Retractable Road Signs and Traffic Bollards

Augustaflex Traffic Technology Retractable sign posts and bollards introduced in exclusive partnership with Saedi Technical Solutions which complies with CE EN 12899-1 Standard. The most innovative technology used in this road signs and flexible bollards protect the structure against damages resulting from vehicle impacts, accidents, incorrect manoeuvres and distracted drivers. In event of collision, the structure flexes upto 90° and return back instantly after the impact.

Directional Signage

Our directions signages are made from best quality branded materials including 3M, Avery Dennison and Metamark. Ground Mounted direction signs are placed on aluminum sheets backed with aluminum extruded rails and fixed with steel pipes as per Ashghal Standards.

Internal And External Signs

Whether internal or external, we offer competitive, attractive and compatible signs to specific requirements of our clients.

Directional Signage
Vehicle Branding

Banners And Wall Stickers

We provide customized banners and wall stickers which is elegant and cost effective. The design and texture with vibrant colors correlate with the event or purpose of such signages.

Vehicle Branding

It is the most cost effective way of advertising your business, but targeting a wide range of audience regardless of gender, age, income, culture etc. It provides notable local advertising and in addition provide advertising for your business wherever demographic locations the vehicle reaches. At Coastal Qatar we use top quality raw materials, processing on precise machines, using premium inks and installation by professional team to benefit our Clientele with durability on the branding stickers they did with us.

Compliance to International Standards:

  • BS 873 Road traffic signs
  • BS 1470 Wrought aluminium for general engineering purposes; plate sheet and strip
  • BS 1474 Wrought aluminium for general engineering purposes; bar, extruded round tubes and sections
  • BS EN ISO 1461 Hot dipped galvanizing
  • ASTM A307 Steel anchor bolts
  • ASTM C373 Standard test methods for water absorption
  • BS EN 485.Aluminium fabrication
  • Qatar traffic control manual
  • BS 5493 Code of practice for protective coatings of iron and steel structures against corrosion.
  • BS EN 1011 Process of arc welding carbon and carbon manganese steels
  • BS EN ISO 146 Hot dip galvanised coatings on iron and steel articles
  • AASHTO Standard specification for supports for highway signs, luminaires, traffic signals

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