ITS Signage Gantries

ITS gantries provide the feasibility to fix and maintain the traffic management and surveillance equipment like Sign boards, LED screens, Cameras, Licence Plate Readers, Vehicle Detection Equipment etc. on the road.

The structure is designed and manufactured to be completely stable, quick to install and to provide access for maintenance safely without traffic diversion and special equipment.

The ability to inform the driving public about travel times, road conditions, speed limits, and lanes using electronic/static signage. ITS gantry is, therefore, a critical element in providing this level of driver information.

  • Easy to install the traffic management and surveillance equipment
  • Strong, safe, and stable
  • No road closure during maintenance.
  • No MEWP/ Hiabs/ attenuator vehicles to access the equipment for maintenance. 
  • The gantries provide minimal safety concerns for engineers, technicians, or the general public.

  • Mild Steel – as per design parameters

  • Galvanized – complying with AST A123, BS 729, or EN ISO 1461
  • Painted – as per selected paints application procedures

Compliance to International Standards:

  • BS 1011 Process of arc welding of carbon and carbon manganese steels
  • BS 4360 Weldable structural steels
  • BS 873 Road traffic signs
  • BS 1470 Wrought aluminium for general engineering purposes; plate sheet and strip
  • BS 1474 Wrought aluminium for general engineering purposes; bar, extruded round tubes and sections
  • BS EN ISO 1461 Hot dipped galvanizing
  • ASTM A307 Steel anchor bolts
  • ASTM C373 Standard test methods for water absorption
  • BS EN 485.Aluminium fabrication
  • AASHTO Standard specification for supports for highway signs, luminaires, traffic signals
  • Qatar traffic control manual

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