Lighting Poles

Lighting Poles

“Coastal will light up your sky!”. With its reliable and fashioned high masts, Coastal was able to light up the sky of several highways, airports, stadiums, and event yards through many prestigious projects, not only in Qatar but also in the entire region.

Street and area lighting provides some great benefits to the users of the roads. It is not only essential to promote security in urban areas, improve safety for drivers, riders, and pedestrians, extend the usability of public spaces, but also plays a distinctive role in building stylish, unique and remarkable cities and landmarks.

Our decorative poles offer a great variety of customized lighting poles and lamp posts. These are often the choice of designers who want an urban look, or for city planners. It is durable and sleek.

The sources of electricity production like oil and natural gas are contributing to around of one third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Most governments all over the world have adapted short- and long-term strategies to promoting sustainable energy solutions and diversify energy supply.

The smart pole is a multifunctional assembly designed and heavily adapted in cities, municipalities, various agglomerations, shopping, public and information zones, where the combined use of modern smart technologies is required.

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