Stadium Masts

Stadium Masts

Since its establishment in 1979, Coastal have been always the pioneer in its field in innovating new products and technologies. Our stadium masts are just another example of our capabilities in specifying and meeting the most demanding requirements for safety, reliability, quality and lighting performance at sports arenas.

Stadiums, sports arenas, training fields, and open courts are considered as remarkable landmarks in many cities all over the world. Lighting design including lighting masts and structures is a very essential element in such landmarks. Coastal takes a great honor and pride in supplying the majority of stadium masts for the courts of FIFA World Cup 2022 soccer competition in Doha, Qatar.

Relying on our specialized engineering in this domain, along with our advanced manufacturing technologies, we have been the favorite supplier for stadium masts by the regional authorities and sports committees. We are also offering standard and customized lighting poles for the adjacent areas.

Main Features

  • Customized as per requirements
  • Long life with Zero maintenance
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Wide distribution and illumination performance.
  • Durable, reliable, high quality
  • Attractive and stylish
  • Fit for stadiums, open courts, training fields.
  • Applicable Materials:
  • Mild Steel – as per design parameters

Applicable Materials

  • Mild Steel – as per design parameters

Applicable Finishes

  • Galvanized – complying to AST A123, BS 729, or EN ISO 1461
  • Painted – as per selected paints application procedures
Stadium Masts
Stadium Masts

Compliance to International Standards:

  • BS 5649 Lighting columns
  • BS EN 40 Lighting Columns
  • Institution of Lighting Engineers (ILE), Technical Report No 7 ‘High Masts for Lighting and CCTV’
  • BS 1011 Process of arc welding of carbon and carbon manganese steels
  • BS 4360 Weldable structural steels
  • BS EN 1011 Welding
  • BS EN ISO 1461 Hot dip galvanized coatings on iron and steel articles
  • BS EN 10137 Plates and wide flats made of high yield strength structural steels

Technical Offering:

Stadium mast up to 40m with maintenance access through various options like cage ladder, Vertical Anchorage Line System with ladder, and man raider.

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