Water Reservoir Cells

Water Reservoir Cells

The Plastic Modular Storage Cells is manufactured from specially reformulated, recycled material and has been designed for shallow, non-trafficked, landscape applications or deep applications, subject to both regular and heavy traffic loadings, such as cars and HGV’s

A soakaway whereby the units will be installed in suitable pervious soils so the units can be wrapped in a geotextile to allow infiltration of the stormwater into the surrounding ground, or As an attenuation tank in impervious ground (e.g. clay) where infiltration is not possible, here the units are encapsulated in a geomembrane (which is in turn wrapped in a protective geotextile layer) so that the structure can hold the stormwater temporarily until local drainage flows can accept it for normal disposal at a permissible outflow rate.

Environmental benefits

  • Reduced flooding risk
  • Controlled release of stormwater into watercourses or, where permitted, existing sewer systems
  • Recharging of local groundwater (if infiltration/soakaway application)
  • Aerobic purification to improve water run-off quality
  • Sustainable, cost effective management of the water environment
Water Reservoir Cells
Water Reservoir Cells


The Water Reservoir can be used as either a temporary storage tank or as a soakaway, and is suitable for applications including:

  • Landscaped areas
  • Parks
  • Domestic gardens
  • Residential developments
  • Car parks & roads
  • Industrial/commercial areas

Features and benefits

  • Modular, lightweight and versatile
  • Easy to handle and quick to install
  • Proven clip and peg connection system 95% void
  • Can be brick-bonded for extra stability
  • Units can be mixed and matched together for optimum performance Full range of ancillaries
  • Can be used as integral part of a SuDS scheme

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