Facade System

Facade System

Façade systems comprise the structural elements that provide lateral and vertical resistance to wind and other actions and the building envelope elements that provide weather resistance and thermal, acoustic, and fire-resisting properties. The types of a façade system that are used depend on the type and scale of the building and on local planning requirements that may affect the building’s appearance in relation to its neighbors.

The building façade provides the separation between the inside and the outside environments. It also controls light levels and a visual connection with the outside in the form of views out of the building. The façade can also have openable windows for ventilation.

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The separating functions include:

  • Weather tightness including the elimination of water ingress and control of air permeability and resistance to wind actions;
  • Insulation (both thermal and acoustic);
  • Control of solar gain and ultraviolet radiation and the management of views into the building.
Facade System
Facade System

Types of façade systems:

  • Curtain walling
  • Insulated render
  • Metallic cladding
  • Tiles and stone veneer panels
  • Large boards consisting of an aesthetic and weather-tight veneer
  • Glass and steel façade systems

Codes and Standards:-

  • BS 1449-1.1:1991 Steel plate, sheet, and strip
  • BS EN 485: Aluminum and aluminum alloys –sheet, strip, and plate
  • BS EN 12206-1:2021 Paints and varnishes – coating of aluminum and aluminum alloys for architectural purposes
  • BS EN ISO 7599:2018 – Anodizing of aluminum and its alloys
  • BS 3083 Hot-dip zinc coated and hot-dip aluminum zinc coated corrugated steel sheets for general purposes
Facade System

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