Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

Coastal Qatar, relying on unique expertise in design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, inspection and installation, is committed to deliver innovative and exceptional steel solutions for all commercial, residential and industrial needs. Our huge facilities, advanced machineries and skilled technicians make the difference in our ability to successfully handle and deliver multi-mega projects simultaneously.

Our structural steel products are customized to meet your requirements and manufactured while complying to all related standards. We are also offering several coatings and external finishes including painting, powder coating and hot dip galvanizing.

We do design, fabricate and install all types of products made of steel, such as:

  • Factories, warehouses and buildings structures
  • Silos
  • Storage tanks
  • Steel frames and supports
  • Concrete shutters and moulds
  • All types of sheds and canopies
Steel Fabrication
Steel Fabrication

Oil & Gas

Coastal unmatched legacy of engineering, procurement, installation, construction and commissioning empowers us as a pioneer supplier of comprehensive and innovative range of onshore and offshore products and services in Oil & Gas sector. Our experienced professionals continuously striving to serve our clients with reliable, high quality and diversified solutions making us your optimal selection as EPIC contractor.

Operated in advanced facilities and equipped with high-end technologies, we design, manufacture and supply products and services that perfectly satisfy the need and the purpose. Moreover, all our finished products as well as manufacturing and testing processes are guided and complied with the related international standards (API, ASME).

Our Oil & Gas offerings are limitless, including:

  • Piping fabrication and pipe spools
  • Pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers
  • Platforms and skids
  • Tanks and silos
  • Offshore containers
  • Gantries, overhead cranes and spreader bars
  • Walkways, ladders, staircases, handrails, gates and guards
  • Blasting, galvanizing and painting
Steel Fabrication

Compliance to International Standards:

  • BS 4 Structural steel sections, Part 1 1993, Hot-rolled sections.
  • BS 639 Covered carbon and carbon manganese steel electrodes for manual
  • BS 2901 Filler rods and wires for gas-shielded arc welding.
  • BS 4165 Electrode wires and fluxes for the submerged arc welding of carbon steel and medium-tensile steel.
  • BS 4848 Hot rolled structural steel sections
  • BS 5950 Structural use of steel work in building
  • BS 6363 Welded cold formed steel structural hollow sections
  • BS 5135 Process of arc welding of carbon and carbon manganese steels
  • BS 7084 Carbon and carbon-manganese steel tubular cored welding electrodes
  • BS EN 10029 Tolerances on dimensions, shape and mass for hot rolled steel plates 3mm thick or above.
  • BS EN 10034 Structural steel I and H sections-Tolerances on shape and dimensions.
  • EN 10113 Hot rolled products in weldable fine grain structural steels.
  • EN 10155 Structural steels with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance, Technical delivery conditions
  • BS 499 Welding terms and symbols
  • BS 3923 Methods for ultrasonic examination of welds
  • BS 4570 Fusion welding of steel castings
  • BS 4872 Approval testing of welders when welding procedure approval is not required
  • BS 5289 Code of practice for visual inspection of fusion welded points
  • BS 6072 Method for magnetic particle flaw detection
  • BS 6443 Penetrant flaw detection
  • BS EN 287 Approval testing of welders for fusion welding
  • BS EN 288 Approval of welding procedures for metallic materials
  • BS 2583 Podger spanners
  • BS 3692 ISO metric precision hexagon bolts, screws and nuts
  • BS 4190 ISO metric black hexagon bolts, screws and nuts.
  • BS 4395 High strength friction grip bolts and associated nuts and washers for structural engineering.
  • BS 4 Structural steel sections
  • BS 4848 Hot rolled structural steel sections
  • BS 5950 Structural use of steelwork in buildings

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