• Smart Shower Solutions

Smart Shower Solutions

Revolutionize Your Shower Experience with Coastal's Patented Smart Shower Solutions

Introducing Coastal's groundbreaking Smart Shower technology, now patented for its unique and innovative design. Our system is meticulously engineered to not only conserve water and energy but also to redefine the entire showering experience with an intelligent, one-push-button operation.

Experience the advanced three-stage cycle: starting with an initial wetting cycle, transitioning to a rich foam cycle, and concluding with a final rinsing stage. This automated sequence ensures a thorough and efficient shower every time, perfect for maintaining high hygiene standards in hospitals, labor accommodations, and public spaces.

The robust stainless steel floor grating ensures a hygienic, durable, and safe shower environment, ideal for areas with high usage. Our smart technology allows users to easily monitor water usage, precisely control temperature, and set specific time limits for each shower cycle, making it a sustainable choice for modern facilities.

Coastal's Smart Shower solutions, with their patented technology and user-friendly design, offer unparalleled convenience, hygiene, and sustainability. Ideal for a range of settings, they represent the ultimate fusion of luxury and practicality in showering technology”

Main Features:

  • Fixed Time Water & Soap Cycle
  • Automatic Foam Generation
  • Save Money with Higher Capacity Utilization per Unit
  • Eco Friendly
  • Sustainability

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